The Salmon Arm Seventh-Day Adventist Church began with a small group of believers. At the time, there was a church in Silver Creek and also a small company in the Tappen/White Lake area. However, it appeared there was also a need for an organized church closer to Salmon Arm where people could worship together on the Sabbath.

In 1972 the Presbyterian Church on 3rd Street , N.E. was rented. It is now a private residence. The first recorded services were held at that location on February 19, 1972. Pastor Bob Tetz travelled from Vernon to give the sermon. Tithes and offerings were collected and sent to the conference. Denise Eckstadt purchased a Visitors Book and happily asked those who came to sign the book.


There were many visitors and pastors from the surrounding areas.

Little by little, more people attended and a core group met each Sabbath, singing and praising the Lord for the blessings of worshiping together. IMG_6748In the winter months, Denise Eckstadt and her two youngest daughters would arrive early and light the wood stove so the church would warm up before people arrived.

Also, since it started as such a small group, many weeks many of the congregation took part in some capacity in the running of the Sabbath School and Church service.

As the group grew in numbers, the need for a different location arose. The company moved to the Lutheran church on Broadview.

Brother Emil Suelzle and his first wife, Grace, moved to Salmon Arm and purchased property near the corner of Lakeshore Road and Park Hill Drive. They were impressed to donate part of the property to facilitate the building of the new church. An application for the necessary  permit was submitted to Council in 1976.IMG_6751

After many months of volunteer work and numerous hours of labour  together  with  lots of prayer, the Salmon Arm Seventh-Day Adventist Church was ready for the first services. An article in the local paper at the time, The Salmon Arm Observer,   reported that the first services in the new Seventh-Day Adventist Church were held on Christmas Day, December 25, 1976.

Many people have been greatly touched by the members of this church, both past and present. This church continues to be a light in the community. With God, all things are possible, even a little country church which developed from a dream into a reality. May we all continue to thank the Lord for the many blessings bestowed upon each one of us.IMG_6758