Why is the prayer ministry important to Salmon Arm Seventh-day Adventist Church?

“Prayer ministry is the heart of any ministry. Without prayer, any ministry fails.

Prayer ministry is the fulcrum, the anchor of the church. When two or three people are gathered together, God moves. The more people we have in solidarity to see this church move forward in faith, the more God can move. We are an army of people who come together to pray for changes and believe it can happen. Without prayer and belief, things don’t work!

Prayer is the lifeblood of any church. Beyond the church, it’s the lifeblood for who we are as Christians – to keep us going, to face another day, to face another human being, to just live. And prayer is hope, especially when you see prayers answered; it gives you courage. Prayer works! God keeps working and he doesn’t stop. You can have any ministry, but without prayer, everything is in vain.”

The prayer ministry meets for focused discussion and dedicated prayer time in various homes every
Tuesday morning from 9:00am until 10:00am.