Children Sabbath School Bible Study Guide Class

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Salmon Arm Seventh-day Adventist Church provides active programs for young children every Saturday. Today we know that we must approach activities through a variety of methods. We know that children remember about 30-35 percent of what they hear, about 40-50 percent of what they see, and about 90 percent of what they do. The emphasis in our church family is placed on all three. Children are often guided through activities that incorporate hearing, seeing, and doing — and require activity. Thus today’s Sabbath School classes often nurture an exuberant atmosphere in which children actively pursue learning under the direction of their teacher.

These activities are reinforced through the debriefing process in which children are led to consider “What did you learn?” “How do you feel about it?” “What are you going to do about it?” This process deals with knowledge, emotion, and application. Educational research tells us that people remember more when they are emotionally involved and that pleasant emotions enhance positive learning. Debriefing is essential to active learning. It is the means by which children (and adults) understand and apply what they have learned.


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This class is led by a young professional team who provide activities that are designed to get students to think, respond and share with one another. This makes the Biblical lessons become real to the student.

Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide Class

This class follows the Seventh-day Adventist quarterly lesson, which changes every quarter. You may download this quarter’s lesson from here, or obtain a copy of the lesson at Salmon Arm Seventh-day Adventist Church.